Why Property Management

Professional property management requires diligence and accountability to both owner and tenant. When performed properly, professional property management maximizes the relationship between owner and tenant.

Increased Rents

The property manager is less eager to give away rent or lower rents when the necessity to do so is not indicated by market conditions.

Reduced Vacancy Factor

By qualifying the prospective tenants, RPM Rushing property Management can select tenant who will have a longer tenancy period. This can be aided by lease terms. This results in lower turnover of tenancy which equates to a lower vacancy factor.

Reduce Tenant Damage

Through qualifying tenants and requiring reasonable property deposit, the probability of damage to the premises is reduced and when damage does occur, the deposit is usually sufficient to cover the damage.

Reduced Repair Costs

RPM Rushing Property Management encourages each owner to engage in preventative maintenance programs which will reduce the likelihood of costly emergency repairs for operating systems.

Reduced Expenses

Because of purchasing power in managing a great number of units, RPM Rushing Property Management can obtain services and supplies at significant discounts from the prices offered to an individual owner. In addition, RPM Rushing Property Management is less likely to be taken advantage of by a vendor or service provider.

Management Planning

RPM Rushing Property Management will plan ahead of changes in uses and changes in lease terms, etc. based on the goals of the owner.

Prolonged Economic Life

Real property goes through a period of development and lease up. It then goes through what can be a lengthy period of maturity and, finally, it enters a period of decline usually resulting in abandonment or demolition. RPM Rushing Property Management through management planning and preventative maintenance maximizes the economic life of all managed real property relative to local economic forces.